I stood in the parking lot, buses behind me, kids coming toward me excited to hop on the bus. 

Then, to my right comes Jon. 

“Hey, Mrs. Farmer.” 

“Hey Jon, how’s it going? Thank you for the kind note you wrote me.”

“Yeah, hey, you want a Kit Kat?” 

“Sure,” I replied. 

Jon reached in his pocket and handed me a piece of candy and then went on toward the buses. 

That was it. Nothing more. 

As a teacher, those moments-spontaneously kind and unexpected-mean more than anything I can think of-because in that moment he offered what he had because, well, he felt like it. 

Last year, I played UNO with him and his classmates, just a few times (after exams) but it’s been a connecting point ever since. Jon always carries UNO cards. 

Isn’t that the funniest part-we all study how to Teach Like A PIRATE or how to Teach Like a Champion but truly- it all seems to come down to the heart. “Do you care about me?” “Do I matter to you?” “Are you willing to invest time in me and what I enjoy?” 

Maybe teaching isn’t that complicated after all. 


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