Never Too Old: 10 Things that Middle School Students will Always Love

  1. Smiles.
  2. Verbal Encouragement.
  3. Written Encouragement.
  4.  High Fives.
  5. Hands on learning.
  6. Make Believe.
  7. Fun.
  8. Mystery.
  9. Collaborative Group Work.
  10. Support and belief in their life dreams.


Middle grades teachers can often speak about the importance of “growing up”.

“You’re in middle school, now. It’s time to grow up.”

The problem lies in that they aren’t grown, and they aren’t looking to be a grown up any time soon. In fact, many students express sadness in the loneliness they feel in this high-tech generation. That it’s all a bit fake, really. They want to feel more important than a smartphone.

“Be present, adults, for real,” they say.

The quest lies then, in returning to the good ol’ days, in a sense. Utilize technology, but be conscious of its use.

How can tech be integrated, while also weaving in smiles, verbal encouragement, high fives, hands on learning, make believe, fun, mystery, collaboration, and support?

Can class work be engaging, challenging, tech-integrated, and supportive of the whole child, no matter the content?

It’s a goal worth striving for…

One of the best Twitter follows who seems to always hit the mark on this is the author of Ditch That Textbook, Mr. Matt Miller. Follow him on Twitter @jmattmiller. I always seem to find great lessons and ideas from his website, and his lessons are so easy to implement.

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