There is No Straight Line to Success in the Classroom

Back in September I sat in a tech conference. The presenter displayed  a funny video clip on the board of a teacher wailing, crouched on the floor pounding his fists against the floor. She exclaimed, “This is what teachers do when you ask them to change or try something new! They dig in their heels and scream, ‘No!'”

As a brand new teacher, I would have thought, “Ha! Ha! So true!” Now, with a few more years under my belt, I’d scream, “Heck yeah, and I know why, and by the way, Can I join in, too?”
I’m not trying to exhibit the awful stance of negativity. In fact, I love trying new initiatives and ideas, but–I’ve also noticed a trend in education. 

The trend seems to be that we jump from one idea, program, initiative (whatever it may be) to the next all in the hope of being innovative, without giving any of it much time to develop or be successful. 

The truth is- there is no magic bullet. 

Chromebooks aren’t magic and won’t create instant results. Just as with iPads, BYOT, or desktop computers–they’re just devices. Objects. It’s how the teacher utilizes them for their instruction that matters. 

Some questions to consider:

  • How can learning impact more students through the use of the device? 
  • How might the IPad work for one lesson (like a scavenger hunt)? 
  • How can the Chromebook be used for blogging or collaborating on a project from home for students? 
  • How can BYOT be used for review or formative assessments?

Nothing new (programs, technology, professional development (edcamps) will build great teaching alone. 

The grassroots of excellence in the classroom falls on positive relationship building, building curriculum based on their interests and needs–(you must know your students first to understand how to engage them). The tools (chromebooks, textbooks, iPads, paper, pencil, BYOT) are what are used to help make the magic happen in learning for the particular students in your charge. 

Learn and explore–no need for hand wailing. Despite constant change-it’s important to remember that the teacher makes the positive difference in the classroom. The tools only support the teacher in making a greater impact.  


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