Sometimes, You Gotta Roll with It


Details are important, but sometimes, you just gotta roll with it. This mantra played out in my head this passed week as I prepared for a holiday party for my Future Educators Club. At the time, there were a million details or so it seemed that needed to take priority over a party. It seemed frivolous as an added pressure that I didn’t need. But–then again, I knew the truth. This party needed to happen.

Many times educators can get caught up in what needs to be done: (These are not in any particular order–just what comes to mind.)

  1. Prepare students for standardized tests.
  2. Call parents with necessary feedback.
  3. Check e-mails and answer them.
  4. Prepare lessons.
  5. Teach lessons.
  6. Grade papers.
  7. Update grade book. 
  8. Pass out papers.
  9. Attend meetings. 

Although necessary–do these items create the sparks that lead to the flames of personal growth? If you say no–then what does?

  1. Relationship Building.
  2. Discussion.
  3. Listening.
  4. Mentoring.
  5. Service to others outside the organization.
  6. Service to each other.
  7. Being present.
  8. Being self-aware  and aware of others.
  9. Creating awesome out-of-the-ordinary events.
  10. Make our time together  meaningful. Make it an experience to be remembered.

The Future Educators Club has grown considerably, and my hope and desire is that it continues to grow over the next several years. Helping to build the future feels wonderfully rewarding. However, I know I must place my checklist aside for enough time to create real experiences. This takes time, energy, and self-awareness. But–not as much time as one might think. Sometimes, overthinking is overrated. Have a plan, but also let go and roll with it. Create the conditions and then– let growth happen.





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