“What I’ve learned over the years is that the trick to all of this is enjoying the process and the community you build around you. To be a great leader, you need to be a great collaborator. You have to know how to delegate and you have to know where your hands and eye need to come into the process. You can’t second guess. And really you must treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. You have to treat others with respect.” ~ Posen 

As I sat on a flight from Orlando to Atlanta, I picked up the inflight magazine by Delta. The front cover caught my eye. Delta’s fashion designer as well as a leader for Brooks Brothers. At 35, he’s established himself as a strong leader in his field. The article kept my interest due to his passion and desire for excellence in his field. 

As I study leaders, it seems that many offer similar elements for successful leadership like those stated by Posen. 

Although collaboration, delegation, execution, integrity, and respect are all essential elements of leadership that moves goals forward–the most essential elements were not listed by Posen: passion and commitment. Maybe they are a given. A passionless career requires no collaboration–really, why bother? There’s no need to delegate, execute on a plan, or respect others–afterall, I’m just paid to do my job, right? That’s all I’m really accountable for anyway, what’s all the fuss about. 

Passion and commitment are at the core of all great leaders. They collaborate, delegate, execute, and respect others because the journey matters, and they want it to matter to those that take the journey with them. Their purpose brings the fire to get the job done, not to check it off a list–but to make a difference for a cause that matters to them, and positively impacts lives for generations to come.  



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