Teaching: A Great Balancing Act

In my last post I discussed the excitement my students expressed over using a technology called StoryboardThat for a narrative writing piece. They dove right in, only to bring their heads up for a moment to express, “Mrs. Farmer, can I show you the awesomeness I created?” 

Another striking moment happened last week as well. I brought several of my future educators from my Future Educators Club to an event at a local college. While there, I ran into a prior student from my 5th grade class last year. She ran up to me to say hello and gave me a hug, and that was that. However, later that evening, as I spoke with her mom about the end of grade test results, my student interrupted me saying, “Mrs. Farmer, who’s taking care of our garden, now?” My heart sank. I told her the custodians text me regularly in regards to the keeping of the garden, and I assured her it was in good hands. 

What is my point in using these examples?

As educators we can spend many worrisome days and nights making sure our students are prepared for standardized tests. That is not  always a bad thing, because it is a fact that our job requires that our students are prepared. However, we can never lose sight of the fact that our students crave real learning experiences, and we, as teachers seeking excellence, must be courageous enough to provide them. Our students are more than a test score. Let’s prepare them, while also offering them an education they’ll always remember. 

What experiences will you commit to offering this year in the classroom? What will you be remembered for? 

Let’s be authentic and courageous! 



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