Welcome Back, Mrs. Farmer

Yesterday, I stood by the door, greeting my students with a smile. “Are you ready for an awesome lesson today, boys and girls! Are you ready for your minds to be blown?!” 

One of my more humorous students cried out, “Yes! Finally!”

Another walks by me and from the side of her mouth states firmly, “Welcome back, Mrs. Farmer.”

I stood shocked. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve drilled constructed response like a champ. The only problem was I killed their spirits along with it. I let the fear of test results get the best of my teaching. 

We all have a choice: test first or kids first. 

From this moment on, I will always choose kids first. 

It’s all a great balancing act.

However, two words my students will never hear again from me this school year until the actual week of testing: Georgia Milestones.

Kids never remember the tests, but they’ll always remember the experiences from our classrooms. 

Welcome back, Mrs. Farmer.

Will you join me? 

Kids first. Always. 


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