If Someone Sees Greatness in You: Choose to Believe 

It is true of any profession that people will be there to build you up or tear you down. You must choose to believe those who see greatness in you, and muffle the rest. 

This is especially true in education, which requires a great level of heart and perseverance to be successful. 

I will always remember the day one of my college professors said, “You, are destined for greatness.” She was my toughest teacher and it meant a lot to me. I chose to believe her. Months later, my first principal sat in a chair in his office, looked at me and said, “I believe you could be in this seat one day.” Those words let a spark in me–potential. As a first year teacher, I chose to believe him. 

In reflection, as educators, we must all remember that we have the opportunity to breathe life into those around us–to build them up, or we can choose the opposite–to tear them down. 

I’m making the commitment to see the possibilities–to build up–in order to maximize the potential of all those in my presence, whether students, fellow teachers, or staff personnel. Why? Because I remember how awesome it felt for someone to see greatness in me. 

If someone sees greatness in you–believe them. Then, pay it forward. 

Excellent video on the human desire for purpose and the powers of possibility: The Search for Meaning 



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