Bring on the Learning! Exploring #GAFE for First Timers!

My students began their journey with Google Classroom today for the first time. My school received several chromebook carts, which allows more teachers to use this technology on a frequent basis.

I cannot express enough how excited my students were in my last period class today. They were on fire for this technology. It was interesting to see how many adapted quickly, and were then able to help their struggling peers. My biggest goal was to keep everyone calm, and break it down so we could all move forward together.

In my last class, I was able to set up their accounts, and upload my first assignment. The students had to link one of their blog posts for a grade. This task came easy to some, but I did have to search for a quick tutorial on YouTube, which helped greatly for others. A few students will be finishing their work tonight, and submitting it tomorrow.

So far, I’m excited about the ease of Google Classroom, and look forward to all that is to come this year utilizing #GAFE.

My focus for the rest of this year will be utilizing writing with technology. I hope that you will follow my journey and learn with me via this blog!

Please check out my digital newspaper at I’ve found some great people on Twitter to follow in learning about #GAFE.

If you’ve learned a new trick or something engaging with #GAFE or chromebooks, please comment. I’d love to learned from you!

Have an awesome day of learning!


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