Hold Fast to Dreams, You Dreamer

Today, I shared Langston Hughes’ poem, “Dreams” with my students. I began teaching this poem during my student teaching experience and have taught it every year since. 

It brings to mind how excellence begins with a dream. We all have dreams–I would find it difficult to believe otherwise. But–many due to pressures or maybe mentors such as parents, teachers, etc telling us our dreams are impossible–let go of our greatest ambitions. Just. Like.That. All it takes is one negative remark. One unkind gesture to blow away all hopes of achievement in an impressionable young person. 

Where would America be, I wonder if teachers and parents committed to ensuring dreams became a reality, offering the tools necessary for true greatness in every child. I believe some are trying. Teachers like, Don Wettrick, author of Pure Genius or Paul Solarz who urges teachers toward student-centered learning. The truth is time and resources may be limited but words–edifying–uplifting words are never in short supply. 

Let’s commit to our children and their dreams, because in the end that is the true legacy of teaching–the amazing humans our students are to become. It all begins with an adult who commits to what is possible for every young person. That is realism at its best. 

Here are some great links to add some dream catching into your lessonsI wish you well in helping your students dreams become a reality. Fall in love with the possibilities.  

Dreams by Langston Hughes
Create dream boards



  1. Laura, this poem reminds me of “Broken Wing” sung by Martina McBride. It’s my karaoke go-to song, and has a lot of meaning for me. Give it a listen if you’ve never heard it, and celebrate the dreams that hold us together. Thank you for sharing this.


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