Teacher Excellence: Keep First Things First

Currently I’m reading John Maxwell’s Developing the Leader Within You, which offers some great reminders for all of us who strive for excellence in all that we do. The chapter that I would like to highlight for this post is “The Key to Leadership: Priorities”. Maxwell suggests using the Eisenhower method, which seems to be a running theme with all the greats, including Stephen R. Covey.


Check out the following video on setting priorities: Keep First Things First

One part of the chapter struck me the most, which distinguished between a leader and a follower in regards to prioritizing. Here is the segment of the chapter:

“Choose or Lose”

“Every person is either an initiator or a reactor when it comes to planning. An example is our calendar. The question is not, “Will my calendar be full?” but “Who will fill my calendar?” If we are leaders of others, the question is not “Will I see people?” but “Who will I see?” My observation is that leaders tend to initiate and followers tend to react. Note the difference:”

Leaders: Initiate, Lead; pick up the phone and make contact, Spend time planning; anticipate problems, Invest time with people, Fill the calendar with priorities.

Followers: React, Listen; wait for phone to ring, Spend time living day-to-day; reacting to problems, Spend time with people, Fill the calendar by requests.


This comparison brought to mind the importance of being proactive vs. reactive. I love watching these videos on the importance of proactive behavior.

Proactive vs. Reactive

The Jar of Life: Putting First Things First


With today’s faced paced world, it’s best to remember to put everything in its place, and sometimes that means finding ways to simplify by finding and utilizing the right tools to help. Here are some articles that might help.

How to Stay Organized with Google Calendar

7 Ways that Google Calendar Simplifies My Life

Schedule Tweets and Save Time

4 Productivity Apps That Will Save You Time

Finally, with all of this in mind, it’s important to remember the most important priority of all: our families.




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