My 5th Graders Reflect on Leadership

Writing gives every student a voice. As a writing teacher, it’s vital that I read, respond, and share my students’ work. Reading and sharing each other’s work motivates writers more than any bit of red ink on a page.

Today, my students wrote private responses to a quote by Truett Cathy on motivation as part of their morning work. I read the responses tonight and selected my favorite parts of their writing. In essence, I quoted each of my students’work.

Tomorrow, my students will read their quotes as part of their morning work, choose the one that speaks to them the most, and write a response to that quote. Finally, we will share as a class why that quote was meaningful to them personally before we begin our day.

My hope is that my class is inspired by each other, and grow together as writers.

“You need to be a good example, because people are watching you, and are depending on you.” ~Amy

“If you set a good example, and are kind, people will follow you–instead of you following them.”~Preston

“If a person who helps others, says he is a follower. I would say, “No, you are a leader.'”~Erin

“You have to push yourself and try, but you also have to help in the right ways.” ~ Daniel

“You need to inspire yourself, and push yourself.” ~Anya

“Optimism means to not give up. To strive, To persevere. And to help others do the same.” ~Garrett

“You have to motivate people–like, LeBron James. He elevated his teammates’ skills.”~Aleczander

“Keep trying and don’t give up in what you do, and tell others to not give up in what they do.” ~Annissa

“You have to reach your goals in order to succeed!” ~ Daniel

“Little kids look up to us. We are leaders to them.” ~Chase

“Don’t follow the wrong people. Just because they look nice doesn’t mean they are nice.”~Grace

“Be a leader, not a follower.” ~Eva

“If you do something good for someone, something good will happen to you.” ~Gunner

“Do your best, and help others to do their best.” ~Logan

“You have to push yourself to do great. You can’t just think about yourself either, sometimes we have to motivate others. But, remember only they can make themselves do something. So do your best and strive.” ~Mackenzie

“We need to know how to self motivate and tell others WE CAN DO IT!” ~Demetria


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