Teacher Excellence: Always Take the High Road

Wouldn’t it be great if we all took the high road? It’s not easy, but to pursue teaching excellence it is essential. The following are five suggestions that help me in my own pursuit.

1. No blaming: Just don’t do it. No matter what the feedback is, take it for what it’s worth from your viewpoint, make changes where deemed necessary, and just keep moving.

2. Don’t Hold Grudges: People can hurt us, maybe it’s on purpose, maybe it’s subconscious, who knows why? However, just because we are hurt that does not give us permission to lash out, be vindictive, or hold a grudge. It doesn’t do any good to hold in a bunch of toxic energy. Let the person know of the hurt or just let it go, forgive, and wish them well.

3. Take criticism like a man or woman: Listen, listen, and listen. Pause. Think. Then reply with a thoughtful response. Let the other person know that you’ve heard them. Validate their concerns. Take the necessary steps for improvement. Thank them for their willingness to express and care.

4. Keep Bringing Your Best: Be proactive. Just keep smiling and do the hard work. Be the best version of yourself, and let the rest go.

5. Enjoy the Ride: Focus on family first, focus on health, and giving back to others. Get outside of yourself. Set life goals and work to achieve them. Have fun.

Above all, remember that good can come out of every situation, even the challenging ones. Taking the high road isn’t easy, but it’s the best way to persevere and be a teacher of excellence.


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