Teachers: Skype Classroom is a Must!


I love Twitter for one main reason. It introduced me to Skype Classroom. I believe all educators should utilize Skype for their classrooms. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It’s Cheap–Actually, it’s Free: Most schools and school teachers work on a tight budget, so allowing a guest speaker into the classroom at no cost, is pretty phenomenal!

2. Mystery Skype: I love this idea. I’ve watched one teacher via Twitter use this with her third grade classroom. She has a United States map hanging on her wall. Ahead of time, she sets up a visit with a particular classroom in a different state. They call each other. The students ask each other questions, until they determine what state they are speaking with via Skype. Then, the teacher pins it on the map. What an enriching way to learn geography!

mystery skype

3. Endless Opportunities: There are vast opportunities to connect with different organizations, schools, educators, authors, field specialists. As a teacher, I have the opportunity to enhance my curriculum through guest speakers on any topic of my choice. Experts want to share their expertise with others. What a great way to enhance a lesson.


4. Study Abroad: Recently, I was all set to Skype with a classroom in England. They had to suddenly cancel, but I’m still working on it. I love the idea of my students speaking with other students from around the world. In one simple call, I’m able to bring Europe into my classroom. Talk about engagement! An experience like that keeps students hopping for more.

5. It’s Simple: Skype is user-friendly. Just download, connect, and call.

I’m currently, working on a couple of different ideas utilizing Skype. If one doesn’t work out that’s fine, because there is always something else. I recommend all educators at all levels connect with Skype Classroom. It creates engagement and life to any classroom!

Find it on Twitter @SkypeClassroom or on the web @ https://education.skype.com/

Also, a great class to follow on Twitter is Team Schantz @SchantzClass– She has such a vibrant classroom, and uses Skype Classroom often. She also has a fantastic blog- a must read- at mrsschantzclass.wordpress.com.

I’m open to others ideas on Skype Classroom. Please comment below with your own thoughts or experiences.

Happy Skyping!


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